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Since the beginning of its activity, Unterwegs-Weitweg performed several operations, for instance, the coordination of:


a) Exportation of Brazilian products, such as:

- Textile, porcelain, toys and musical instruments;

- Cosmetics and menswear to Spain and Portugal, with its direct placement in the stores for sale to the    final consumer;

- Motor bearing and parts for airplanes and trains to France, India, and even Iraq and Afghanistan        during armed conflict;

- Turbines in drawback system to meet engineering works on Ohio River in the United States;

- Aluminum, glass and other materials for finishing and decoration of the roof of Carrasco International   Airport in Uruguay;

- Support and security material for the construction of bridges in Latin American countries such as      Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic;


b) Importation of raw materials and end-consumer goods as orthopedics materials, machinery, parts and accessories, such as extruders, robotic equipment, espresso coffee machines, from monitoring the acquisition, to its placement on the factory plant, distribution centers or stores, and also supply of the railway, aircraft and ships, working side by side with engineers staff or the directly responsible for the operation.


Due to this experience gained over the years, we can guide companies of any size from several sectors who wish to export and import, from its accreditation process to analysis of accounting, tax and customs matters, regardless of the amount and frequency of transactions in any of the transportation modes.