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​ Unterwegs - Weitweg





Your cargo on the way, by the best way.







About our company


Unterwegs-Weitweg - whose motto is “Your cargo on the way, by the best way“, renders, since 1992, services of foreign trade, as co-ordinator agent for all the logistic chain to export, import, storage, and national and international  air, sea, road and rail transport. Offers, as well, the customs clearance and complete assistance before and after shipment.







Import and Export


Operations with legal support to carry out projects, regular customs system and special customs schemes, such as temporary export and import, of merchandise for fairs, expositions, repairing, processing, enterprise increase, drawback and others.


​Customs clearance

​Customs clearance of imports and exports in the 8th tax district (Greater São Paulo) and in any other tax district under representation




Planning, questioning and review in search for the options. Working side by side, supporting the client.

The success of exportation and importation consists in a sequence of well leading and integrated steps, before and after shipment, with a trustful logistic.



Assessoria e Projetos 



Deseja o cliente desenvolver o seu comércio exterior através de um amplo ou pequenos projetos?


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